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Path to Another War

Agustus 14, 2007

IN the 2000 Presidential Election, many believe that George W. Bush stole the victory from Al Gore.In his book Stupid White Men …and Others’ Excuses Story, a famous American filmmaker Michael Moore names Bush as The Thief in Chief.

“So who, then, is the man that now occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? I tell you who: He is George W. Bush, ‘President’ of the United States. The Thief in Chief,” wrote Moore who also directed a famous anti-war film Fahrenheit 9/11.

Moore describes that Bush Junior was not working alone. In doing the “coup” he was helped by his family members, from Bush Senior and cronies, up to his business-mate in Database Technologies, a software computer company that supported and worked for the Election Committee in Florida, where his brother Jeb Bush was a governor. The series of tricks also involved a giant television network Fox News Channel as an effective machine to enhance his popularity. One of the most influential consultants for Fox News Channel was John Ellis, one of Bush’s cousins. That was why, at the end, he won the 2000 election after “defeating” Al Gore in Florida.

After winning the election, George W. Bush made certain illegal decisions that resulted in two wars and thousands of innocent peoples’ deaths.

Bush Junior started his term with nation-wide hesitation about his legitimacy in presidency and his capacity. But it ended up after 2001’s 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington DC, as he found the way to solve his problem and his unpopularity by using one tool – war against terrorism.

In November 2001, he campaigned the first war against Taliban, Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Bush closed his eyes that in the past, during the Cold War, U.S. helped financially, supplied weapons for the Taliban, and trained Moslem militant group members to fight the Soviet Union that occupied Afghanistan.


Of course, it was really not hard for U.S military with its smart bombs launched from many of its warships in surrounding oceans, high tech weaponries and secret unmanned shuttle flights to defeat the Taliban that mostly used homemade Kalashnikovs. But as we remember, before attacking and bombarding Afghanistan, Bush administration exposed and promoted Taliban and Al Qaida as a really dangerous militant group that could destroy the entire world. Bush administration and his media campaign machines forced us, the people of the world, to believe his story about terrorism.

U.S. troops killed thousands of Afghanis during the war. Most of them were women, senior people and children from Mazar I Sharif to Kandahar, from Khanabad to Herat. But it was not the only result of the war. The main result from that war is that now U.S. and its oil companies get the privilege to explore and exploit the Afghani oil fields.

After success in Afghanistan, in early 2002, Bush launched his dream to fight what he called as axis of evils – Iraq, Iran and North Korea. And proudly he called himself the war president.

Again, he denied U.S. involvement in Iraq, and U.S. support for Saddam Hussein and Kurds in northern Iraq after Ayatollah Khomeini toppled down Iran’s Shah Reza Pahlevi in an un-bloody revolution in February 1979. The reason why U.S. supported Iraq and Saddam Hussein was because after taking power, Khomeini started to nationalize all foreign oil companies, which were mostly owned by U.S and Britain that during the Shah regime controlled the country.

For Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers the Revolution of 1979 was simply a way to keep and use Iran natural resource for Iranian. But of course, the oil seeking community in U.S., a part of which is the Bush family, that have controlled the country since long time ago would not accept this situation. Retaliation is one thing that they were waiting for. They failed when they used Saddam Hussein during a decade-long war in 1980s. And now, under Bush administration they got another opportunity.

Just like in Afghanistan, before launching a war against Saddam Hussein in 2003, Bush administration came up with the story of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq that reportedly could kill as many human beings in the world. In fact UNMOVIC and IEAE, two of U.N. councils who were in Iraq to investigate the existence of WMD, said that they did not find any hard evidance. There was no smoking gun in Iraq. But U.S. insisted that they have to replace Saddam Hussein and install new government that can cooperate with U.S., meaning one that can accept U.S. oil interest. For Bus, obviously and clearly, the war had to go on.

Again, it was really not hard for U.S. to defeat Saddam Hussein since Saddam and his military men was not really capable in fighting a war due to their lack of weaponries. It was like David versus Goliath. But in this realm, Goliath of course won the fight without any difficulties.

We all witnessed that thousand of Iraqis and more than 3,000 U.S. troops were killed during the war. And yet the toll death is still going up. But for Bush administration and the oil seeker community behind him, the death toll is small price to pay. Now, they have a big chance and opportunity to control the oil fields in Iraq.

Bush - Ahmadinejad.

Time flies. Now Bush has 17 more months in the White House. What to do before leaving the Oval Room? The answer is simply another war. This time it should be in Iran-the old enemy. Just like the previous wars, before setting up the troops Bush administration states that Iran is now becoming a dangerous country with its nuclear project. Even Iran insists that they are extending the nuclear technology for an alternative energy.

Whether Bush will launch a new war on Iran or not is not an easy question to answer. But the path to war is so clear. U.S. has won the sympathy game in U.N., as Security Council of U.N. released a resolution few months ago demanding Iran stops its nuclear project. And, again, seems that the oil seeker community is behind Bush, including his vice president Dick Cheney supporting him full on another war. (Teguh Santosa, first published in HELP’s Coconut Express)

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