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Admit your weakness, respect others..

November 26, 2007

It is the nature of the world when things are varied, they actually complement each other…
It is good when we admit other people strengths and goodness, respect them and aware that we might need to work harder to get those strengths and goodness.

It is also good to be happy for other people’s happiness; why it is so hard to say, “I am happy for you” or “Yes, I learnt a lot from you”…

On the other hand, if we think we are better and more fortunate, we should try to be modest and act or speak moderately so that others will feel comfortable being with us. We do not need to be defensive; acting as we know all things which all the truth.

Being life in the world requires us to always learn, learn from any things, any persons, any situations, any times. Things need to be kept in mind that we are not perfect, and we never will… [Neneng Rosmy]

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